Wednesday, December 26, 2007

BIJAPUR SULTANS, master architects

Bijapur has a special significance in my life because I started schooling @ Sainik school in Bijapur. Generally defense personnel get their children admitted to be groomed for NDA officers grade. Well my only memory of Sainik school is the dusty ground and khaki dress because it was way back in 1966. During our KSTDC trip, our guide Maski said even his son junior Maski studied in the same school, what a coincidence. I did manage to search the internet and registered myself as alumni of the school in old boys association. I was probably lucky to be admitted to this school because my father was working with INDIANOIL, the no 1 company in India in terms of turnover.

I managed to shoot great picture of Sunrise, Old houses, Horse carriage and Monuments. The “ whispering gallery “ is a marvel of ancient technology which can be experienced at the historical Gol Gombuz. Our guide Maski demonstrated this phenomenon remarkably kindly check out the video link on Youtube :

Gol Gombuz has the second largest dome after St Peter’s Basilica, in ROME. There are controversial interpretation of the tomb structure. It was initially built for palace and later a dancing hall, which explains the purpose of whispering gallery. Ultimately it was converted into a Tomb probably inspired by the TAJ MAHAL. Some say it was originally a mosque. The tomb of Adil shah rests in this place who reigned between 1626-1657. The edifice in front of Gol Gobuz housed the artillery now it houses a museum. The façade of Gol Gombuz seems to be incomplete because Mohamad Adil shah died.

Ibrahim Roza consists of two minarates one being a mosque and other tomb. It exemplifies the fine art of Iranian architecture with Indian artisans skill in execution. This edifice happens to be inspiration for the TAJ which was built in 1626, whereas ROZA was built in 1610. The blend of Burma teak with Iron is remarkable on the entry door which looks single door but it has two partition. The premise has a wonderful garden.

Jumma Masjid is the first mosque built in Bijapur after it was captured from Vijaynagar king Ramaraja. The mosque is incomplete without 2 minarates, Aurangazeb did manage to give final touches to 10.810 sq meter area. The mosque is a blend of Persian and Moghul architecture with defined spaces for namaz. The space allocation indicates the royalty were well built. In my anxiety to still shoot pictures, I forgot my bag which contained videocam, which was retrieved by the Mullah. Before that Srinivas and I donated to the mosque fund. If we can donate to temple why not Mosque ? Insallah it really paid off proving to the world “ do good and it will bring luck” I did manage to save 20 K.

Malik e Maidan : ( Monarch of plains or meaning Deccan Plateau ) : It is one of the largest bell metal cannon in the world measuring 4.45 meters in length and 1.5 m in diameter. It weighs a massive 55 tons, with carving of Lion, Human face and Elephant on the side of the cannon. The most unique feature of the cannon it is cool even during the blazing summer. This was meant for the safety of the soldiers from getting burnt after firing the cannon on the enemies. The cannon is located on the fort watch tower which is known as Burj or Lion Tower.

Bara Kaman : An incomplete edifice of Ali Rouza 2 in 1672, probably under seize from Moghuls. It was supposed to have the record breaking structure surpassing the Gol Gombuz in a show of one upmanship.

Gagan Mahal is another monument with 21 meter façade wherein Sikander Adil shah surrendered to Aurangazeb in 1681. Asar Mahal was known as seat of Justice. The palace of the king now houses Govt. offices, probably because it is located in the heart of the city.

The summer is scorching but it can serve as a natural sauna centre instead of going to gymnasium. If one travels in AC coach then the combination of heat and cold can be healthy mixture I presume. LOL. One request, please don t show you backside( bum ) while taking pictures @ Jumma Masjid, it is offensive to religious sentiment literally one is insulting the Koran. Generally ladies are not allowed but here they are liberal because of tourist centre.


HAMPI is definitely a paradise for experimenting the photographic skills. Even an amateur photographer can learn different angles. For example trying to shoot the inverted image of VIRUPAKSHA TEMPLE can be a real challenge to even a professional photographer. Try to shoot and let me know the result.
I dont claim to be a professional photographer, but have keen interest to know about various angles. I believe photography is all about gr8 location, angle, and patience. Further one more tip is that one uses zoom function, if hand shakes it can blur the photograph. When shooting indoors, the lense takes time to read better to hold focus for longer time to get better pics.